Johnny Air Cargo Money Remittance

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JAC started to engage in the business of international money remittance to the Philippines in 1992, acting as agent for big money transfer companies in New York . In 2001, JAC was granted a money transmitter’s license by the New York State Banking Department and by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. A year later JAC was granted a license by the California Department of Financial Institutions. After becoming licensees in those three states, JAC immediately engaged in the mainstream money transfer business to the Philippines in partnership with major commercial banks. It doubled its money transfer customer on the second year and has consistently grown in market share in succeeding years. JAC money remittance service is known to have competitive service fees,  exchange rates, and excellent customer service

Johnny Air Cargo Inc. is licensed and regulated as a transmitter of money by the New York State Department of Financial Services, California Department of Financial Institutions, and New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.


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